Annual Health Checks - a little peace of mind.

With Beijing’s fast paced high stress environment, ensuring that you are at your best to meet the challenge is important. Prevention and early treatment are the corner stones of ensuring that one remains healthy and at their peak.

At Puhua International Hospitals, we offer some of the most flexible and thorough health checks available for men and women who care about their well being. Our packages are designed specially to meet the demands of various lifestyles.


Package A:

This package is a general look into one’s overall health and is best suited for individuals aged between 14 and 40. This is the least in depth of the Health Check Up packages but essential for people with no pre-existing conditions who wish to maintain their health.


Package B:

This package is suitable for people 14 years and up who have concerns about their health or who just want to know more about their overall well being. This package is more in-depth and will provide the patient with a good understand of their current health standard.


Package C:

One of the most thorough and in-depth Health Checks available in China, this package allows patients to identify a large number of potential issues early as well as provide information on existing conditions.

For more information, please contact one of our Patient Relations Officers on 5363 1264.