Prenatal Screening
Prenatal screening is offered to all pregnant women. Prenatal screening may include ultrasound and blood testing in order to determine if the pregnancy is at a higher risk for a particular birth defect. A variety of tests can be used to detect birth defects, including Down syndrome (trisomy 21) and trisomy 18. Down syndrome and trisomy 18 are chromosome abnormalities that cause birth defects and mental retardation. In any pregnancy there is a small chance that the baby has one of these abnormalities. If a screening test is positive, then the patient may elect to pursue diagnostic testing.
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Dr. Dannie Zhou

Dr. Dannie Zhou has had a long distinguished career in Gynecological medicine, starting in 1987 when she graduated from a top 10 Medical University, the Qiqihar Medical College in Heilongjiang. Since then, Dr. Zhou has specialized in Gynecology and Maternity at many of China’s renowned medical Institutions including the Jiamusi Central Hospital, Beijing Maternity hospital and Beijing Tiantan Hospital

Dr. Zhou is currently the Chief Physician in Puhua International Hospitals’ Gynecology Department. Dr. Zhou specializes in common gynecological; myoma of the uterus & ovaries, female endocrine disorders, and antenatal care