Sexual Dysfunction
Sexual dysfunction refers to having a problem with sexual desire or response and covers a wide variety of problems. In men, it includes erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature or delayed ejaculation and in women, spasms of the vagina and pain with sexual intercourse. For both sexes, they can include other problems with sexual desire (libido) and response.
The back, pelvis and the lower spine are filled with a complex tangle of muscles and nerves that are closely linked to the sexual organs and a kink or tear in the wrong place can easily lead to erectile dysfunction or other problems as well as the obvious pain and discomfort. A chiropractic adjustment relieves tension in the back and releases trapped nerves, alleviating pain and sexual problems in one swift, relaxing and natural course of treatment. A chiropractor helps restore normal nerve function and communication, thereby allowing the body to work normally and naturally.
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Dr. Enoch Lee

Graduating from the University of California he majored in Medical Genetics, Dr. Lee attended one of world's leading and original College of Chiropractic medicine: Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport Iowa, where he got his degree of Chiropractic Medicine.

After 1997, Dr. Lee successively opened private clinics in California and Washington in America, and achieved much success.

Dr. Lee has more than 15 years clinical chiropractic experience, and now he is the chief physician of the Chiropractic Department at Puhua International Clinic, Beijing as well as the head of our Rehabilitation Centre.

Liane Li

Liane Li spent 9 years in the United States, where she earned her Masters in Occupational Therapy. Following graduation Liane Li has had a extensive career in multiple countries, delivering rehabilitation therapies to both children and adults at renowned institutions such as the Mount Sinai Medical Hospital and United Cerebral Palsy of New York.

Liane Li specializes in the treatment of Cerebral Palsy, Autism and ADHD. With a sound knowledge of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and KT-Tape, Liane Li goes further than most therapists in that she is able to help children improve their handwriting, posture and overall behavior.