2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Month
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Every year, the third Friday of October is set aside as a day to bring attention to the global issue of breast cancer.


Breast Cancer is the most common form of cancer found in women with over 1.4 million new cases being diagnosed every year. There is consensus among doctors that women should go for screenings every year but only a small percentage does.


Cancer is a disease that has had an impact on the lives of billions of people and is not an issue that should be ignored or left till later. Early detection increases one’s odds for survival drastically and saves the lives not only for women but also for the people that care for them.

Mammography has long been the tool of choice for doctors when diagnosing the existence of breast cancer but many women find it a painful and stressful experience. This means that many people will often put off or avoid their annual screenings which is strongly advised against.

Modern advancements in Ultrasound technology means that there is now a painless alternative to mammograms for early detection. Ultrasound screenings can be used to detect the existence of lumps and cysts at early stages and while it is not a replacement for mammograms when cysts are present, it can be used to clear patients who are not currently exhibiting signs. This method has been approved by the American Cancer Society.

This year for Cancer Awareness month, Puhua International Hospital – Shuangjing will be offering Ultrasound Breast Cancer Screenings at a reduced rate to promote testing for women over the age of 21.

To find out more, please contact us on 8773-5522 ext 8078.

Ultrasound Package

Full Ultrasound Screening

Physical Breast Exam

RMB 800 (October Only)

For patients who are part of a high risk group or simply wish to do a standard mammogram examination, please contact our clinic.

More info on Ultrasound Breast Cancer screenings: