Ear, Nose & Throat
Living abroad comes with its own healthcare challenges, with every city having unique circumstances and environments. Certain things about life in Beijing may come as a shock to foreign nationals, particularly the harsh climate, air quality conditions and overall level of hygiene.

In these circumstances your neighborhood Ear, Nose and Throat specialists are of vital importance. Our team focuses on helping patients deal with both the commonly occurring ailments attributed with the wear and tear of Beijing life and also more acute and chronic illnesses.
Dr Fuqiang Ni

Dr Ni has been working in the specialty of Ear Nose and Throat for over 20 years both in clinical and research roles. Having graduated from the Norman Bethune Medical University, Dr Ni has long been regarded as an expert in his field with dozens of articles and research papers having been published and accredited. As such Dr Ni is the head of our ENT department where he treats a wide range of ailments daily.

Dr Ni focuses on ensuring that his patients receive not only accurate clinical diagnoses but also the highest standard of care.