Traditional Chinese Medicine is a doctrine of improving the overall health and well being of the body rather than focusing exclusively on the symptoms. At Puhua International Hospitals, our TCM specialists are trained not only to use their vast knowledge of Chinese Medicine but to accentuate its efficiency with modern diagnostic technology. This alternative approach to treating illness is far less invasive and has an excellent track record of improving one’s health and overall quality of life.
Dr. Sophia Liu

Dr. Liu graduated from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was a student of highly respected TCM Specialist Yize Zhong. During her studies in the United States of America, she was awarded the American National Acupuncture and TCM Certificate, and also License of Acupuncture and TCM in California and New York. She has been working on both scientific research and clinical practice of TCM for her entire professional life. Her clinical proficiency in both Acupuncture and Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine, along with her extensive clinical experience, has resulted in significant contributions to the overseas development of TCM.

Dr. Liu’s areas of specialization include: TCM treatment for post-neurosurgery patients, cancer patients, neurological diseases, digestive system diseases, chronic pain, breast diseases, and gynecological diseases.

She is fluent in English and Chinese

Dr. Weidong Guan

Majoring in traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Guan graduated from the Medical College of Yang Zhou University and received his Masters from the Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine. With more than thirty years experience of TCM practice, he is a member of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and also the chief expert of Beijing Walsonle Technology Center.

Additionally, he has worked under many famous and respected doctors of TCM and created “the clearing minds and removing diseases in three steps for a wholesome life” methodology.

Dr. Guan has gained professional training in internal Chinese medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, trauma, acupuncture, massage, and orthopedics, etc. He is able to treat different kinds of diseases caused by biochemistry, community, psychology and accidents through TCM.