While many people believe Chiropractic to be focused merely on resolving back pain uses, in reality it is an all encompassing holistic approach to increasing the overall wellness of the body. Our Chiropractic department is staffed solely by American Chiropractors who have many years of experience in dealing with this area of medicine including attaining their qualifications at some of the most renowned Chiropractic colleges.
Dr. Steven Warren Darden

Dr. Steven Darden is a licensed Chiropractor, Certified Sports Physician and Licensed Acupuncturist.

Dr. Darden graduated from Old Dominion University in Virginia where he majored in Sports Medicine and was certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. He then graduated from National College of Chiropractic in Chicago in 1997, giving him over 25 years of experience in treating chiropractic, sports injury and wellness issues.

Dr. Darden specializes in Lower back pain, fibromyalgia, torticollis, arthritis, sports injuries, micro current acupuncture and rehabilitation.

Dr. Darden takes a holistic approach to treating patients, combining his expertise in various disciplines in order to promote their quality of life and overall health level.

Dr Darden speaks English and basic Mandarin.

Dr. Enoch Lee

Graduating from the University of California he majored in Medical Genetics, Dr. Lee attended one of world's leading and original College of Chiropractic medicine: Palmer College of Chiropractic, in Davenport Iowa, where he got his degree of Chiropractic Medicine.

After 1998, Dr. Lee successively opened private clinics in California and Washington in America, and achieved much success.

Dr. Lee has more than 15 years clinical chiropractic experience, and now he is the chief physician of the Chiropractic Department at Puhua International Clinic, Beijing as well as the head of our Rehabilitation Centre.