Being the body’s largest organ, ensuring that your skin is healthy is vital component of maintaining the body’s overall condition. Our Dermatology department offers both disease prevention and treatments as well as cosmetic programs to ensure that our patients are taken care of, whatever their need may be.
Dr Qing Li

Dr Li has been working in China’s top hospitals in the field of Dermatology for the last 20 years. Having graduated from the Capital Medical University with honors she has worked at both of Beijing’s top 2 hospitals, Xie He and Tiantan. While primarily a clinical physician, Dr Li is also a guest professor at Beijing’s top universities.Dr Li specializes in both rare and common skin disorders such as Eczema, Dermatitis, Herpes and Acne.

As the Head of Puhua International Hospital – Shuangjing’s Dermatology Department, Dr Li is always willing to help her patients in any way she can.