When dealing with as sensitive of an area as cancer, it is important to have doctors who know the value of emotional support as well as advanced medical degrees. At Puhua International Hospitals, our Oncologists are fully aware of the emotional toll involved in the diagnosis and treatment of this disease and as such go the extra mile to ensure that their patients feel safe and supported throughout the process.
Dr. Yuliang Zhao

Dr. Yuliang Zhao has been worked on the theory and practice of cancer chemotherapy for more than thirty years. This has given him a rich, varied and extensive range of clinical experience. He has an excellent knowledge base regarding the treatment of complex disease-states, and he is extremely competent in managing the potentially toxic side effects of chemotherapy. Endeavoring always to prolong survival of patients receiving cancer chemotherapy while at the same time to improve their quality of life, Dr. Zhao advocates developing a comprehensive and individual patient-focused treatment plan for the treatment of cancer. Research interest and expertise: Chemotherapy for refractory cancer, molecular target therapy and cellular immunotherapy (clinical applications for tumor treatment), and the medical approach for severe adverse reactions of cancer therapy.

Dr. Zhongqi Xue  

Dr. Xue brings to Puhua International Hospitals the results of more than thirty strong years of clinical experience as one of the leading cancer surgeons in China. He is a leading expert and authority in the diagnosis and treatment of various kinds of cancer. He is renowned for his work in breast cancer, especially in the areas of mastectomy and breast reconstruction.

Dr. Zhong Qi Xue has conducted in-depth research and clinical study in the areas of: colorectal cancer, sarcoma, liver cancer and cancer of the kidney, and has published more than twenty major academic papers and articles (both basic research and clinical) on these clinical areas. Many of these publications have earned a variety of meritorious awards.