For many people Ophthalmology is merely the art of getting tested as to whether you need glasses or not. Modern medical technology is making the concept more and more redundant as advanced laser and microsurgery offers a solution to many optical ills. Our Ophthalmological experts offer consultations and surgeries to those who do not wish to wear glasses for the rest of their lives.
Dr. Fengjun Liu 
Dr. Liu graduated from the department of medicine of Bethune medical university and received a bachelor’s degree in 1988. He have been engaged in ophthalmology clinic, research and teaching. He had studied the treatment of orbital diseases in the general hospital of armed police, and he was taught by Pro. Lihua Xiao. Now, He is deputy director of ophthalmology and teaching in Capital Medical University. He is a member in Chinese medical association ophthalmic branch.
Research direction: The treatment and diagnosis of ophthalmologic common diseases of ophthalmology (glaucoma, cataract, and ocular fundus disease), especially good at the diagnosis and treatment of orbital diseases (eye trauma, orbital tumor and ophthalmic plastic) and neuro-ophthalmology.