Orthopedics / Trauma Surgery
When dealing with trauma, it is important that treatment is received during the ‘golden hours’ (first 8 hours). Based in Beijing and conveniently located, our team of foreign, professional surgeons is able to help patients when they need it most and take them from the initial surgery all the way to rehabilitation and recovery. With experience on three continents, our foreign Orthopedics’ team exemplifies the international standard of care that Puhua International Hospitals aims to give its patients.​
Dr. Yanni Li

With over 45 years’ experience at some of the world’s leading Orthopedics and Plastic surgery hospitals, including the Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai Medical Center and JiShuiTan Hospital, Dr. Yanni Li is one of Beijing’s leading experts in Orthopedic and Hand Surgery.

Having graduated from China’s number one medical college, the Beijing University Medical School, Dr. Li proceeded to specialize in nerve and ligament repair, hand surgery and arthroscopy.

Over the course of Dr. Li’s career she has be prolific in the research and development of new surgical techniques culminating in the publication of multiple papers and articles in esteemed medical journals. Dr. Li is also the inventor of the “Yanni Knot” which is now the gold standard in Laparoscopic Surgery in the United States.

Having spent over 16 years in the U.S.A, Dr. Yanni Li is fluent in English and Chinese and is associated with some of the biggest names in modern surgery attaining fellowships at some of the world’s best medical facilities.