Pain Clinic
Beijing’s only clinic dedicated to relieving various forms of pain.
Professionals and homemakers alike often find themselves facing chronic pain issues in various parts of their body. The common remedy that they resort to is pain medication. The majority of our patients have already seen doctors and therapists seeking relief but find that they are only given methods of masking the pain rather than resolving the issue at its cause.
While there are many perspectives on this painful topic, we have found that by looking at how a person “stacks up”, i.e. structure or posture, can pin point the source of the problem. By changing the structural deviation, the pain and stress releases naturally without the use of drugs.
Improper patterns of movement and positioning, which causes pain, becomes ingrained in to the muscles and the nervous system. The protocol developed by our Pain Clinic reprograms your muscles and nerve “habits” using the science of neurology and biomechanics, molding your body back into a pain-free posture.
Note: This program not only focuses on pain but also other functional disorders, such as sinus problems, asthma, etc.
Our cross-disciplanry team of international specialists are able to offer a long-term solution to the patient’s pain without resorting to medication.