Helping patients requires a bond of trust between doctor and patient. It takes a special kind of person to be able to earn a child’s trust quickly, especially when they hear the dreaded word: “Doctor”. Our pediatricians are very experienced in all areas of pediatric medicine as well as forging a close relationship of trust with their patients. In an age where bedside manner is giving way to rapid turnover – doctors who remember the importance of the individual are key.
Dr. Linda He

Dr. Linda He is the Chief of Pediatrics, and she has been engaged in clinical pediatric for many years. Dr. He has a wide range of work experience in pediatrics both in China and abroad. She is proficient in English, and an expert in providing international service having worked in top domestic general hospitals and international clinics.

Dr. He is a former Professor at Shenyang Medical College, where she was in charge of the Pediatric Medicine program. Dr. He is an experienced diagnostician, and very familiar with the methods of pediatric diagnosis and treatment. She is especially skilled in the growth and development of infants and children, diet, feeding, nutrition and the general health care of children.

Dr. Mina Dong

Dr. Mina Dong is a pediatrician of Puhua International Clinic, and graduated from Shenyang Medical College in 1988. Since she began working as a clinical pediatrician in 1992, Dr. Dong has already accumulated more than 20 years of clinical working experience.

Dr. Dong is highly experienced in diagnosis and treatment of all of the common and frequently occurring diseases of children and infants, including vaccinations, pulmonary, digestion, circulation, urinary system, and infectious diseases.

She is highly proficient regarding nutrition, the knowledge and understanding of infants, and in the process of normal growth. She specializes in giving expert guidance for infant growth and development, and in caring for children in both sickness and in health.