The area of medicine that focuses on the foot, ankle and lower extremities is often thought of as an extension of orthopedics This is not the case at Puhua International Hospitals, where we know that in order to receive the best care possible, one needs a dedicated Podiatry specialist. Our team knows how to treat the full spectrum of podiatric issues and have their patients back on their feel in no time.
Dr. Baoyan Hu

Dr. Hu has been working at the Podiatry Department of Beijing Tiantan Hospital for 20 years. Having performed over 3000 podiatric surgeries, Dr. Hu has accumulated extensive clinical experience. He performs artificial joint replacement as well as surgery for various commonly seen podiatric diseases. He previously worked at the Podiatry department of Highland Hospital, San Francisco. Later on he furthered his study of orthopedics at North Bay Podiatric Medicine Centre, San Francisco, where he acquired some of the advanced techniques with which he has promoted the development of orthopedic surgery in China.

Dr. Hu’s areas of specialization: orthopedic surgery, podiatric disease and surgery, orthopedic diseases, extremity fracture, spine fracture surgery, posterior decompression and fracture fixation, protrusion of lumbar vertebral disc and spinal stenosis surgery.