With our extensive work in neurosurgery, oncology, trauma and cardiovascular diseases, we understand that good health is not only achieved through fixing the problem but through the method of recovery as well. Dealing with a wide variety of ailments, our Rehabilitation center is fully equipped with modern equipment and supported by well trained and experienced physical therapists who are dedicated to aiding patients on the road to recovery.​
Dr. Otsuka Isao
Otsuka Isao, physical therapist, who is assistant to the president of rehabilitation department in Japanese Aizawa Hospital. 
He was graduated from Japanese Fukui Medical Technical College. He has worked in Kobe Arima Onsen Hospital. Currently, he works in the rehabilitation center of Japanese Aizawa Hospital and is appointed as manager of Stroke Rehabilitation Department and assistant to the president of Rehabilitation Department, who is in charge of the management of more than 130 physical therapists in this hospital.
Dr. Yale Niu
Dr. Niu is good at rehabilitation of vascular disease, spinal cord injury, pain and various functional disorders. Graduated from the rehabilitation major in Harbin Medical College, he worked in the rehabilitation department in Bo Ai Rehabilitation Hospital and 242 General Hospital. Currently He is in Beijing Puhua International Hospital. In 2014 He went to Japan Aizawa Hospital to learn Japanese rehabilitation technology.