Making the decision to undergo surgery is never easy and can be an extremely stressful experience. One of the most important elements of this decision is who to choose to perform the operation.

Through its Puhua Network, Puhua International Hospitals is one of the only International Healthcare providers in Beijing who does not outsource its operations and can perform a wide range of surgical services, taking the patient from Pre-Op through rehabilitation and to full recovery.

We are able to perform hundreds of surgical procedures from the following disciplines:

Neurosurgery Orthopedics & Trauma Cardiovascular Oncology
Gynecology ENT Gastro Dental

Click here for a list of our most common operations. If you do not see the operation you are looking for, please contact us to find out if we are able to help.

Thyroid Surgery
Dr. Zongmin Zhang
Dr. Zhang is Chief Physician and Professor. He graduated from Peking Union Medical College and got the oncology doctorate. In the diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer, he has ten years of clinical experience, can skilled operation was carried out on the common head and neck cancer, is committed to study late tumor retrospective retained surgical operation and function. He published many papers in national authoritative magazines. He is specialist in rescue the early and terminal therapy on laryngeal carcinoma, hypopharyngeal carcinoma, thyroid cancer, parotid neoplasm, mouth neoplasm and other head and neck tumor. Minimally invasive treatment of cervical metastasis of thyroid carcinoma. Dr. Zhang is good at the treatment of Cervical oesophageal carcinoma, which preserving laryngeal function.
Breast Surgery
Dr. Lin Cheng
Dr. Cheng is Chief Physician and associate professor. He graduated from Peking University Health Science Center and got the Surgery doctorate. Now he worked as a Chief Physician in Mammary gland Department of the People’s Hospital and in 2009 he was rated as a hospital advanced worker. The molecular biology mechanism of breast cancer has been deeply studied and published in the core journals. In 2007, he went to Vienne Medical University for postdoctoral research and received systematic clinical and scientific training under the guidance of Pr. Gnant of the Austrian breast cancer and colorectal cancer association (ABCSG). He mainly engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases, especially breast cancer. He is specialist in the multimodality therapy and early diagnosis of breast cancer, breast cancer tumor surgery, breast reconstruction, breast conserving therapy(BCT), chemotherapy venous infusion port implantation.
Hepatobiliary Surgery
Dr. Dong Wang
Dr.Wang is Chief Physician and professor. He graduated from Peking University and got the doctorate. There are more than 20 years of clinical experience in the field of surgery, liver cancer, pancreatic cancer and bile duct cancer. He is specialist in surgical techniques, especially for laparoscopic minimally invasive hepatectomy and radiofrequency ablation for liver cancer. Some patient of him have been healthy for more than 15 years. Dr. Wang have been completes more than hundred cases of liver transplantation, a part of patient, who have been translated liver,  survived for more than 10 years. Dr. Wang studied constantly in the University of California, New York Sloan Kettering Cancer Center(SKCC) and Cleveland Clinic. He published many papers at home and abroad, and participated in a number of large-scale national research projects. He is specialist in the comprehensive therapy and surgery in liver cancer, pancreatic carcinoma, metastatic tumors of the liver, cancer of biliary duct and other gastrointestinal tumors. Minimally invasive surgery for biliary tract, splenic organ, Portalhypertension, gastroenteric tumor, liver transplantation therapy and various advanced liver diseases.
 Vascular Surgery
Dr. Hongjie Guo 
Dr. Guo is Associate Chief Physician and associate professor. He graduated from Peking University first hospital medicine. In 2003, he visited Davis medical center of the University of California in vascular surgery department. He have more than ten years clinical experience in vascular surgery and completely finished more then 8600 operations. Now, he is a contributing editor for “Chinese journal of clinical medicine(electronic version)” and participated in the preparation and compilation of two department of vascular surgery. Dr. Guo had been invited as a special guest in CCTV’s “health road”. He is specialist in stenosis or occlusion of carotid artery and subclavian artery; abdominal aortic aneurysm; Radiofrequency ablation minimally invasive treatment on varicose vein of lower limb; arms and legs arteriosclerosis obliterans(embolism); diabetic foot(DF); standardized treatment of deep venous thrombosis; the construction of complicated hemodialysis path(autologous vessels and vascular prostheses); revascularization of peripheral vascular injury or invasion(carcinoma invasion)