The Best Package of Ckeck-Up
       During the peak season of check-up, three kind of package of check-up are introduced into Puhua International Clinic for patient who would know their own physical condition and found disease in time.

Doctors at Puhua International Clinic would suggest you to choose the proper check-up package in according to your age, work and physical condition. Apart from general physical examination items, specific items are likely to be added to the checklist of specific people. It is crucial for those people in their 40s to have a specific check-up to prevent disease.

Patient can have a check-up based on their own condition without wait and line-up. Doctors will carefully examine every patient who follow nurses' arrangement.

With our customer centric approach to healthcare, Puhua International Clinic aims to make every step of your experience with us comfortable and stress free. Your choose represent that we will provide healthcare with all our heart.

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