Chinese Pediatric Massage:No Need for Injection And Medicine
         when Mid-Autumn Festival and National day comes, Puhua wish you happy and healthy. From Sep 15th to Oct 15th, 2015, you can enjoy favorable price and discounts at Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) dept of Puhua International Clinic. That means you just spend 900 yuan to get three times of Chinese pediatric massage.

      Chinese pediatric massage, or xiao er tui na, is a form of Tui na massage adapted to the special needs of children from birth to 12 years of age.

The Chinese believe that a child's energy system is different from an adult's because children have fewer physical and emotional barriers in place. Chinese qi is therefore more accessible to treatment. The acupoints and techniques used in pediatric massage are different from those used with adults.

The sessions are much shorter than those for adults, usually only 15–20 minutes, but they may be repeated several times a day for children who are seriously ill.


 Pediatric massage is used to treat such chronic conditions as asthma, bedwetting, and nightmares as well as teething, colic, nausea, fever, constipation , and the common cold .

Parents often learn the basic techniques of pediatric massage as preventive health care for their children or to treat minor illnesses.

"Chinese Massage for Infants and Children" can substantially reduce visits to the pediatrician and use of prescription medicines, while improving the bond between parent and child that is at the heart of good health.

When one realizes that Chinese medicine has evolved over three to five thousand years and Western allopathic medicine only one hundred years, the former may seem a more logical choice, especially when seeking treatment for those of tender age.

Traditional Chinese doctors at Puhua International Clinic are here to give your baby gentle healing massage--just what we especially want for children."

If you want to alleviate childhood ailments from the simple (colds, coughs, chicken pox) to the chronic (colic, bedwetting, asthma) by using Chinese massage techniques to, please call 010-8773 5522 ext 8103.