A beautiful white smile can change your whole appearance. Now, there is a teeth whitening special package available at Puhua International Clinic to help you improve the look of your smile.
Dental Examination Card is a discount permit offered to all of you.You are able to enjoy the 50% discount by presenting CD card or just scan the QR code on discount board displayed in our
On June 28, the innovative CT(Computed Tomography) was putted intooperation in Puhua International Clinic. The Optima CT680 can better meet our need for quality patient care at low dose with gr
During the peak season of check-up, three kind of package of check-up are introduced into Puhua International Clinic for patient who would know their own physical condition and found disease in time.
If you want to give birth to a healthy child, now ask you whether you are at your best physically and mentally? It’s necessary for couple who prepare to have baby to have a pre-pregnancy exa
2014 Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Ultrasound Breast Cancer Screenings
On 10th, May, 2014, Puhua International Hospital-Shuangjing participated in the 2014 Beijing City International School Spring in the City Event
New Lecture: Chiropractic Treatment on Pelvic Floor Dysfunction on 14th, Dec, 2013
2013 Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Between Beijing's pollution, summer hayfever, swimming and an active lifestyle, one's eyes can take a beating. This time of year, eye irratation is common and can be very frustrating, especially for
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