About Puhua
The Asia Pacific Medical Group(APM) is the parent company of the Puhua Healthcare brand. Founded in America, APM has been providing world class healthcare to China and South East Asia since 1995.
With 14 Clinics and 7 Hospitals, APM is the fastest growing International Healthcare provider in China. Many of APM’s hospitals are considered in the top 5 for their specialty in the country.

​Our Mission
To become a dominant player using the most advanced technology and information systems to deliver the best quality care in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

​Puhua Healthcare​
Puhua Healthcare is a joint venture International Hospital Group, offering leading edge medical service and technology to both expat and local patients in Beijing,Tianjin and Shanghai.

Puhua Healthcare is committed to constantly raising the bar in the medical industry for both patient care and medical facilities.

With 3 facilities in China, Puhua Healthcare only provides a high quality of primary care but through its various facilities it is world renown for Neurology, Oncology and Cardivascular treatment.

From the moment our patients come to Beijing and until the day they leave, we will help them, not only in sickness but in any way that our medical expertise can make their life away from home safe and prosperous.